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Supporting Advocacy for Caregivers

September 24, 2019

This Free Community Session is for Learning About:



BIP's and getting organized for supporting your childs education.

Contact Inspire Community Outreach at

Tourette Canada Annual Conference in Winnipeg

October 17 - 19, Winnipeg Manitoba

For more information: 

Thank you to HUB Insurance Group

Thank you to HUB Insurance Group for choosing

Autism Society Manitoba as a recipeint for their charity event this year.

We are overwhelmed by the amount of work the team put in to make this a very successful event.

We look forward to launching new initiatives that are made possible by this event.

What does the butterfly symbol mean?

The butterfly symbolizes something that is already unique that transforms into something that is more beautiful.

This has parallels with people living with autism.

Where we cannot judge what someone would be like in the future as transformations happen throughout their lives as they mature.

As they blossom from their cocoon, their true colors of what they are surface and show their true beauty.